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Lighthouse Investigation Pte Ltd is a full service private investigation agency specialising in covert investigation techniques and researching information for companies, professionals and individuals. We operate on the regional and international fronts through a developed network of collaborators, and affiliates. Our expertise include surveillance, undercover work, interviewing witnesses, discreet enquiries, taking covert video and photographs, writing reports and testifying in the Court of Law. We provide investigation services to gather information for our clients so that they can make better decision with the acquired information. 

we corroborate the facts


  • Investigation and research in family interests, family law (divorce, infidelity, child custody, protection, child activities etc.)
  • Find missing person and property 
  • History and personality investigation (pre-marital checks) 


  • Protection of patents, licenses, trademarks
  • Infringement cases, theft of trade secrets
  • Special surveillance in factories and premises
  • Theft or industrial espionage
  • Abuse of workers


  • Search for evidence (due diligence, fraud, reputation, criminal, civil etc)
  • Developing financial profiles and asset search
  • Unfair dismissals of employees
  • Trademarks and copyrights 
  • Background and morality check of key personnel(in-service, pre-employment screening, etc)


  • Verification of claims
  • Sample for lab testing
  • Loss adjusting
  • Insurance fraud
  • Assisting in civil liability and personal injury

For e

"For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light."   

Mark 4:22 NLT

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Our Team Core Values

We are licensed for the search of information and to obtain evidence to be used in any civil or criminal proceeding under Sections 6 and 7 of the Private Security Industry Act (Chapter 250A) in Singapore. We work in accordance to the law to provide investigation services to suit your needs. 

Client care

We work with small numbers to give you our undivided attention to understand your concerns and study your requirements. We ensure working relationship with you is of the highest moral and ethical standards.


We perform our job with the highest degree of integrity and reliability to ensure evidence are collected legally and in accordance to legal requirements. 

Respect professional confidentiality

We safeguard PI-Client confidentiality to the highest degree. We value and uphold the trust that you have placed upon us.


We perform all our tasks professionally. We respect the situations that you go through and we are committed to act only in your best interest to achieve the best outcome.


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